The Jewelry Obsession Edition

The Jewelry Obsession Edition

Looking for the biggest jewelry trends for Fall/Winter 2019? Look no further.

Whether you're a necklace, earrings, or even a bracelet kind of gal, jewelry always serves as that perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  In other words, when it comes to jewelry, every trend is wearable, no matter how daring you define your style.

So, in the spirit of refreshing our wardrobes for this season, discover these four fall jewelry trends you can wear effortlessly, whatever your style.

Gold Hoops

Hoop earrings are having a moment. The classic jewelry staple has even inspired a larger fall fashion trend with hoops appearing on clothes, handbags, and other jewelry. For modern-day women seeking that golden glow, check out Shiraleah's Yale hoops -- the Hellenistic style indents will also reveal the Greek Goddess in you.

Regular price $20.



Pearls have undergone a seriously modern transformation, and this season, it's all about the necklaces.

The stunning freshwater pearl Bloom necklace oozes sophistication while adding uniqueness with an oversized yet delicate cotton flower. The subtle gemstones add a touch of sparkle to finish off the look. The best news? It's currently on sale with a huge 50% off!

Sale price $37.



Tassels are a fun way of adding a slightly relaxed vibe to any look. The free-flowing jewelry trend has shown up on runways with all kinds of different styles, showing that they can actually be quite versatile. They're also the perfect ornamentation on long necklaces, dangle earrings and stand-out bracelets. The Oriana bracelet in Opal commands attention with added fun pops of color from the clear and opal-tinted stones.

Regular price $42.


Boho Chic

The fall/winter 2019 jewelry trends have, by and large, shifted away from the hippie stylings of the previous season, even if designers are embracing a much more Eco-conscious mentality. This is why the few bohemian offerings stand out to so much... All hail the Selma earrings in Rose. Vegan and cotton, with parts bohemian and parts chic, these beauties add a touch of vintage charm to transition into autumn with a stylish flair. 

Regular price $20.


Final Thoughts

There are many different tips and tricks out there to help you master the growing trend of unique jewelry this fall, along with plenty of different options to help make it your own. We hope you loved our jewelry obsession selection as much as us!

Team Shiraleah xo

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